Friday, July 19, 2013

Miss Mustard Seed Boxwood Green

So I am loving the Miss Mustard Seed line of paints.  Although it's a lot different from your average paint, (you have to mix the powder & water) the end result is wonderful!  I finished my new coffee station for my kitchen.  This is one of the only pieces I have kept for myself in all of the refinishing I do.  It filled an empty spot in my kitchen and it has great storage for all my coffee's and tea's.  No more mess on my countertop.  Just waiting now for my hubby to build me my hemlock shelves above it. I love the Boxwood Green by MMS.  I've done a few pieces in this colour and they are gone sooo fast!
What do you think?
Boxwood Green Coffee Station.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Loving this new hobby!!

I've always loved painting furniture.  In our previous home I was constantly changing things up with paint.  I have to say, my love of painting hasn't stopped.  I have been busier than I ever thought I would be with this venture I started.  Who would have thought.  I just thought I would show you some before and afters of what I have been working on, which is why I've been so absent from blog world...
I love making these chalkboards...what a wonderful welcome!!

After  Done in MMS Boxwood Green
Available for Sale
Done in ASCP French Linen, glazed and highlighted with Old White

No Before, but this is with straight Paris Grey

Added a dark grey glaze over the Paris Grey and glass knobs
Custom Order for Laura


Done in ASCP French Linen & Old White and refinished the wood top.

Everyone loves grey!  Custom order for Karen

Done in ASCP Graphite

Love the green houndstooth pattern with the black
I'm having fun making Chalkboards...

So there you have it my friends...why I've been MIA.  These are just a few of my projects I've been working on, in addition to finding the pieces.  Hope to post again soon! And please leave any comments, I'd love to hear from you!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Blog Absence...

If you peruse my blog at all, you will have noticed I haven't posted in a while.  I have been so busy !  I can't complain though because I love what I'm doing and feel so fortunate to be doing it!  I tell everyone that I have always liked to paint.  The instant gratification of painting something and seeing it transform is wonderful.  I even like painting walls...I know people call me crazy.  But to see the change in either a wall, a piece of furniture, anything, in such a short amount of time is so refreshing!
So I have to show you what I've been up to with my Pleasant Pickin's refinished furniture.  These are just a few things I've been working on...make sure to visit my Pleasant Pickin's Facebook Page to see more!
And how true is this message...

Did some custom work for an interior designer...

Another table custom done

I love the detail

Just finished a beautiful Dining Set with 6 chairs (thanks for all your help Mark)

Sold this wonderful Shaker style desk and piano stool

This little 1950's mauve desk sold for a child's room

The "Old White" dresser also sold for a child's room

Redid this little chair, I love the back details! 

The "Duck Egg Blue" armoire sold as a loft cupboard

Sunday, April 21, 2013

From Grandma's House to Our Home

My husband Mark amazes me.  We have wanted a harvest table for a while now, so he found some old pine and built one!  We just got it in the house today.  The pine is 3 inches thick, and what makes this table special is that the legs are made from pillars off of the front of his late grandmothers house.  We had used the pillars at our previous house in our landscaping, but when we sold the house that was one of the things that we were taking with us!  We love the table and the special meaning it has for us.

Pillars in the garden at our other house.
The wood before we started 
Figuring out what we wanted
Incorporating the pillars 
Before waxing...we didn't want a really shiny finish so we just waxed it for protection.
Love that Mark left some of the chippy paint on the pillars
Love the colour! 
It's perfect for our room!
Can't wait to use it!

Friday, April 19, 2013


I'm still playing with what I want my blog to look like , so if you see changes to my Blog it's just me trying to find the right look!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Turquoise Door

The house we moved to is on 2 acres and it came with a shed.  Now it wasn't "oh good there is a shed", we didn't know whether to tear it down or burn it.  But Mark saw the potential in it and just had to fix it up right away.  His words were, "I can't look at that thing all winter long".  So we moved in March and by July, even though we still had renovating to do in the house, we were renovating the shed as well.  See for yourself the before and afters....
We have beautiful sunsets in the backyard, but that shed!!
View from our kitchen, but again the unsightly shed. Mark couldn't take it any longer...
Time to get the pick up and start the demo
No words needed

I don't have pictures,but we dug out the front to pour a cement porch, filled in the huge doorway, added leaded glass windows, sanded and painted the siding. We added an overhang, put in the columns and beams and re-shingled. will notice in the next pictures I'm not in any of them, (I'm always the photographer) but believe me, I threw Mark every bundle of shingles that went on that roof! And painted, etc. etc...

Mark was great, I'm afraid of standing on a roof...

Finished with my turquoise door...we love it and have had coffee in the sun already this spring.
What do you think?
I'm hoping soon this will be my Pleasant Pickin's workshop...

Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Little Blue Dresser

I love creating "colourful" out of something drab.  Nothing is better than brightening up your space with beautiful colour.  Here is my latest before and after...

It was a sad little dresser...found on Kijiji
But it was all wood and had potential...
Sorry, I keep forgetting to take pictures as I'm working on the pieces...Look at this beautiful Aubusson Blue paint by Annie Sloan.  Love the colour!!
Added a little stenciling for interest and added some legs to make it more substantial.
We also added some molding to the side of the drawers as they were damaged a bit.
Lined the drawers with pretty paper

And she was done.
SOLD to a really nice girl who will enjoy it!